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Join us Live in Denver, CO!

We'd love to have you join our exclusive Live Mastermind Event to focused on local marketing in Denver, CO Sept 9-10, 2017! 

This event is designed to help you grow your local marketing business even further through the use of live mastermind meetings, trainings and strategic networking.

The #1 thing that has helped us grow over the years has been attending live events and meeting people taking massive action. We are excited to share that opportunity with you later this year!

During this exclusive 2 day live event you'll be able to...

Get personal advice directly from Neil & Robert - During the weekend there will be plenty of time to get to know us personally and we'd love to discuss how we can help you. There is no better way than to meet you face to face and share our best strategies with you.

Jump on a hotseat and get advice on your business from everybody in the room! If you choose (we recommend you do) to jump o the hotseat you'll get time to get feedback on any part of your business from everybody in the room. This kind of group masterminding can have a powerful impact on your business!

Network with like minded marketers to create strategic partnerships!  - There will be plenty of time to meet other marketers that you can grow with and even create strategic partnerships. Some of the best business relationships are made at events like these over a drink!

Learn what's working in our business right now with multiple training sessions  - About half the weekend will involve in depth training sessions on key topics for 2017 and beyond in local marketing. We'll even be bringing in a special guest or few to share some insider tactics that you just won't learn about in an online training.


Training Sessions Include...
Landing High Ticket Clients

Learn our favorite insider tricks for generating leads, landing clients and turning them into our own personal referral machines. We'll show you our favorite methods that we have been using under the radar this year!
Research, Pricing & Proposals

In this session we'll go deep into breaking down clients, really gaining an understanding of how you can help them and then actually presenting that information to them. We'll also show you how to outsource for cheap while charging top dollar for your services.
Facebook & Retargeting

Finally we'll dive into leveraging Facebook and various remarketing platforms to get business in the door for your clients. You'll learn how we are running ads, converting leads and building audiences like crazy in local markets!
Lead Gen, SEO & Phone Tracking

The next session will be all about getting your clients business through lead generation (SEO) sites and setting up phone tracking. We'll show you the best was to sell and charge your clients on these services.
Plus Multiple Guest Speakers!
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By now you should already have our best lead gen system (LLD 2.0) our core six figure local marketing training (Digital Client Masterclass) and our software for managing your entire business (Mixtape).

You really do have everything you need to be successful with those in your arsenal. This event is all about helping you take it to the next level and because of that fact, we realize that it may not be for everyone.

In addition we want to keep it exclusive so while we are offering tickets at a sweet price right now, there are a limited number of spots available. If you are ready to take it to the next level, secure your spot now you'll get all the details right away.

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Market Mainframe Live Mastermind (LLD 2.0)

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