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Bank over $200 per Sale when you Promote this Proven Local Lead Generation System and Software...
V1 was one of the hottest selling local marketing products of the year. Version 2.0 is Brand New, Works Internationally and the funnel is Stacked!!!

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We go LIVE on June 29th @ 11am EST
Pre-launch starts on June 26th @ 11am EST

Why Promote?

Expect Great Conversions!

Version 1.0 had some killer EPC's across the funnel and Version 2.0 is EVEN BETTER so you expect insane conversions on this offer.

Check out the stats below...

Killer Front End Offer

This lead gen system literally drops leads into your inbox daily, exactly what local marketers are looking for. Plus we even give them our entire system and materials to help them close deals. Check out the testimonials from V1 below.

Highly Congruent Funnel

Our Software OTO is a Project Management System designed specifically for people who take on clients, it's a perfect fit and there is nothing else like it out there. Expect the OTO's to convert like crazy.

JV Cash Contest

In addition to multiple OTO's and sweet commission on the entire funnel we've also got a $2,500 JV Cash Contest to earn even more cash straight to your Paypal!

Promo Materials

Launch Schedule

June 26th @ 11am EST Pre-launch Webinar Registration opens.

June 29th @ 10am EST Pre-launch Webinar Starts

June 29th @ Day 1 - Price Starts at $27

Day 2 - Price Increases to $29

Day 3 - Price Increases to $37

Day 4 -Price Increases to $39

Day 5 - Price Increases to $47 and the JV contest ends

Day 7 - Price Increases to $97

The Sales Funnel

Local Lead Drop 2.0


OTO #1 - Digital Client Crash Course


OTO#2 - Mixtape Software


Plus a $197 (50% commission) Offer to our Live Mastermind Event.

Do Our Products Convert?

Just check out the stats from Version One earlier this year...
And just a few more examples of what our consistent conversions...

Plus We've Got over $2,500 in JV Prizes!

1st Prize
$1,000 Cash

2nd Prize
$500 Cash

3rd Prize
$250 Cash
Contest Details: Places are tracked based on gross sales amount meaning the OTO's are included. There are no minimum sales requirements. Teams are allowed but only up to two people. Contest Starts when the cart opens June 29th @ 11am EST and ends Monday July 3rd @ 11pm EST. Payments will be sent out on Wednesday July 5th.

What is Included in the Main Offer?

Local Lead Drop LOGO

The main Local Lead Drop 2.0 system is our complete system for getting leads delivered to your subscribers inbox daily. In addition to showing them how/where to get the leads (Thumbtack and Similar Sites) we also show them our closing system that closes 40% of the leads we send out a quote on.

We cover everything in a complete video training series and also include the key documents needed during the process. We break down everything you need to know in order to make this system work no matter what services your list may be offering.

In version 2.0 we take this method international with the addition of new sites your subscribers can use to implement this system around the globe!

Not only that but the core training videos are all new to account for the changes made to Thumbtack as well as addressing areas that needed more detail from our version 1 customer feedback.

Does the LLD 2.0 System Deliver Results?

Absolutely! Just check out a few of the testimonials from LLD v1.0 Customers...

Plus We Have Multiple High Converting OTO's

Check out a Quick Demo of OTO #1 - Digital Client Masterclass...

Our Digital Client Masterclass is an in depth training on building a six figure local marketing company quickly. Each week is built around a real world case study, comes with a PDF follow along guide and action plan.

We cover everything from building your agency, outsourcing, landing clients, building your network and how to actually deliver monthly recurring services.

The live calls (3 weeks + bonus week) sold for $197 with the recordings selling for $97 which makes the deal for this OTO a sweet one that should convert great.

Check out the Mixtape Software (OTO #2)...

The Mixtape Platform is essentially project management on steroids. We designed it specifically for people who not only do projects but also take on clients, sell services and train employees abroad.

It's a web app that is also mobile responsive so it works on any device with a web browser. Ultimately what Mixtape helps you do is stay on track while managing your team, clients and any other projects you may run.

In addition to having features that other platforms simply don't have (such as the employee portal) we also offer UNLIMITED projects, users and storage which is HUGE.

Questions? Feel Free to Get in Touch!

Neil Macpherson
Robert Dickson
For review access send an email to jv@marketmainframe.com